Chalet-Spa de luxe Alsace / Vosges

At the Marcairie Spa, you can enjoy a unique, magical moment and a fantastic sensory experience, in a space entirely dedicated to relaxation and well-being.

This is a world inspired by water, natural light and elegant materials such as wood and stone, where you can admire the surrounding nature through the huge picture windows. The serenity of the place is ideal for a relaxed body and mind.

Enjoy the benefits of the sauna, where the combined action of the dry heat and the delicious scent of eucalyptus and local mountain fir provides an incredible sensation of peace and harmony, for a healing and restorative result.

Later, immerse yourself in the large hot tub, where time stands still, and admire the landscape while enjoying the benefits of hot water and relaxing massage jets that will melt away any remaining stress or tiredness. For lasting effects, enjoy a relaxing sports massage or shiatsu class with our certified masseur/instructor, for an amazing sensory journey.

Finally, for a complete sense of relaxation and well-being, wrap yourself in your thick and luxuriously soft bathrobe, and lie comfortably on one of our deckchairs, while sipping a hot drink with a choice of fruity, spicy or sweet flavours. Marvel at the soft singsongs of birds and the gentle trickle of the waterfall, and experience an incredible sensation of calm, serenity and balance.

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